Tyre 10x2-6.1 for Xiaomi scooter

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Inflatable tyre 10x2-6.1 compatible with Xiaomi scooters, for smoother ride

If you have a Xiaomi scooter and want your ride to be smoother and filter out road irregularities better, consider using 10-inch tyres.

Due to their larger diameter and volume of air the ride will be smoother.

However, keep in mind that by increasing the wheel diameter, you will gain 17% in speed, but at the same time, you will lose 17% in torque on uphill slopes.

Installing 10-inch tyres requires a conversion kit (you can see the product at the bottom of the page)

More Information

More Information
TypeInflatable with Inner Tube
Tyre Size10x2-6.1
Search Termstire, 10-inch, 10.0x2.0-6.1, 10.0-2.0-6.1, 10x2-6.1, 10-2-6.1
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