Speed limiter kit with remote control

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Speed limiter kit with remote control and dc/dc converter for electric scooters

With this speed limiter kit with remote control and dc/dc voltage converter for electric scooters and motorcycles, you can be perfectly legal on the road by having the speed limit set by legislation active and deactivate it where permitted. By pressing one button on the remote control, the speed limit of 25 km/h is activated, and by pressing the other button, it is deactivated.


- Remote Control with two buttons
- DC/DC voltage converter
- Switching board with antenna
- Plastic case for the switching board

This kit is suitable for voltages up to 90V. The dc/dc voltage converter is not necessary if the supply voltage never exceeds 30V. For higher voltages, it is required.

Installation on electric scooters:

The dc/dc voltage converter is powered by the battery voltage, and it, in turn, powers the switching board, as shown in the picture. In cases where the battery voltage does not exceed 30V, the installation of the dc/dc voltage converter is not necessary. To limit the speed, it is necessary for the vehicle's controller to have speed limiting cables. If it does not have such cables, then this kit cannot be used. For example, Dualtron scooters have such cables.

You need to connect one speed limiting cable of the controller to the common of the switching board (2), and the other cable can be connected to NC (1) or NO (3), depending on whether you want the scooter to be by default with speed limit or without limit.

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