Rubber dumper fillets for folding mechanism for Xiaomi scooter

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Vibration damping / anti-play fillets in 3 different thicknesses (0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm) for reducing the play in the folding mechanism in Xiaomi electric scooters.

Especially in the first Xiaomi scooters m365 and Pro, which had aluminum folding hook, we cannot tighten the screw too much because the folding hook will break, so these fillets are the only solution for reducing the play. In the newer models with steel folding hook, first we try to tighten the screw of the folding mechanism and if the play remains then we use these fillets. We try the thinner first and then the thicker ones until one of them eliminates the play.



More Information

More Information
Compatibility XiaomiM365, Pro, 1S, Pro 2, Essential / Lite
Compatibility Turbo-XStandard, Pro, Pro 2
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