Portable electric air pump Xiaomi 1S

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Portable electric air pump Xiaomi 1S with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, digital display, pressure gauge and flashlight


With the Xiaomi 1S portable electric air pump, you can inflate tires for scooters, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, balls, air suspensions and more. Its small weight (490g) and size allow you to carry it with you at all times, while the built-in lithium-ion battery eliminates the need for an external power source. The pump can be charged via a USB-C port, allowing you to charge it with a standard mobile charger, from the car's lighter socket or using a power bank. You can digitally set the desired pressure, and the pump will automatically stop once it reaches that pressure. It features 5 preset memories for commonly used pressures. Its nozzle is specially designed to fit into the valve of Xiaomi scooter motors without requiring a valve extension. It also includes an LED flashlight for visibility in the dark.

Increased speed and air volume, to get you back on the road faster. Inflate 2 car tires fully or top them up 8 times, thanks to enhancements that provide a 45.4% increase in inflation performance on a full charge.

The high-precision compression cylinder supports pressures up to 150 psi, making it suitable for use in high-pressure applications such as electric scooters, air shocks on mountain bikes and high-pressure tires on racing bicycles.

5 preset tire pressures, for greater convenience: The Xiaomi 1S portable pump automatically stops inflating your tires when the desired preset pressure is achieved. It also saves your pressure values, so you don't have to set them repeatedly.

Put an end to outlets and cables! With the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (li-ion), you can inflate anywhere without the need for an external power source.

The pump has been designed to withstand 8 rigorous durability tests:

  • Overpressure protection testing
  • Air-hose tensile strength testing
  • Compression resistance testing
  • Electrical strength testing
  • Air hose low-temperature performance testing
  • High/low temperature charging testing
  • Free-fall drop testing
  • Durability testing

NOTE: Many imitations exist in the market that do not match the quality and performance of the genuine Xiaomi pump in any case!

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