Flashlight - Light LED with rechargable lithium battery 18650

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Rechargeable Light - LED flashlight with a removable lithium 18650 rechargeable battery

A flashlight with powerful adjustable beam and removable 18650 battery. The fact that the battery is removable gives you great flexibility:

  • You can use any desired battery. You can have extras with you for backup or extended runtime.
  • When the battery gets old, you don't throw away the flashlight; you simply replace the battery.

The flashlight can also be used for other activities beyond the vehicle since it can be easily detached from its base.



  • High-quality construction
  • Adjustable beam
  • Light Modes: High power, low power and flashing
  • LEDs: XLM-T6
  • Materials: Aluminum body, plastic base
  • Waterproof rating: IP-65
  • Battery: Lithium (Li-ion) 18650 (included in the package)
  • Brightness: 15000Lm

The package includes 1 flashlight, 1 18650 battery, 1 handlebar mounting bracket, 1 micro-USB charging cable.

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