Extra parallel battery kit for electric scooter

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Extra parallel external 36V battery kit for electric scooters. Kit includes battery, cable, case, programming and installation.

It is suitable for Xiaomi m365, 1S, mi3, Essential / Lite, Pro, Pro 2, Segway - Ninebot, Turbo-X, Fiat 500, Ducati and similar electric scooters.

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Extra parallel battery kit for electric scooter
Extra parallel battery kit for electric scooter

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    This kit includes battery, cable, case, programming and installation.

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    With the extra parallel external battery, your scooter will gain many advantages:


    • Increased range: The battery provides a longer distance coverage
    • More torque: This translates to better acceleration and more power on uphill slopes. You'll notice a noticeable difference!
    • Longer battery life: Since the battery will discharge at a slower rate, you'll be able to cover more kilometers at a higher speed.
    • Increased maximum speed: Under certain conditions, your maximum speed will increase by 2-3 km/h.
    • Extended battery lifespan: The battery will provide half of the current to the system, resulting in less heat generation. Additionally, since the battery won't discharge as much, you'll perform fewer charging and discharging cycles.
    • When installing an extra battery in Xiaomi scooters we install our custom firmware which provides much higher speed and power compared to the factory settings.


    The available options with their specifications are shown in the following table:

    *The above distances are based on Xiaomi's specifications for the range of the internal battery: Mi Essential: 20km, M365 Standard/1S: 30km, Pro/Pro2: 45km (in ECO mode, with a rider weight of 75kg).

    Actual range calculation

    To calculate the actual range accurately, multiply your current range by the factors in the "increase" column.

    For example, let's say you have a Pro 2 scooter. The manufacturer states that it has a theoretical range of 45 km. However, let's say you have an actual range of 35 km. Then, with the extra 12.8Ah battery, you would have an actual range of 35 km * 2.03 = 71 km!

    What is included in the kit

    • Battery with branded EVE or LG cells
    • Cabling from high quality silicone cable
    • Case
    • Free installation
    • Free programming

    *¹ *²: If you are in Athens, installation and programming are free of charge at our store. If you are outside Athens, the kit can be shipped to you along with detailed installation instructions.

    : Programming is free of charge provided that your scooter is not encrypted. Otherwise, there will be a small fee for hardware unlocking.

    *¹ *² Prerequisite for free installation and programming is to buy all 3 parts of the kit: battery, cable and case.

    Additional Information

    We are proud to be the first to manufacture such batteries in Greece in June 2019, and as a result, we have a significant lead in terms of installations in Greece, as well as several exports to Europe! Additionally, we have the highest expertise in Xiaomi scooters and have a better understanding of their software than any other store.


    Οι μπαταρίες με EVE στοιχεία είναι έτοιμο προϊόν και δίνονται με 6 μήνες εγγύηση. Οι μπαταρίες με LG στοιχεία κατασκευάζονται στην εταιρία μας από MSc Ηλεκτρολόγο Μηχανικό ΕΜΠ με επώνυμα στοιχεία LG και δίνονται με 12 μήνες εγγύηση!

    The batteries with EVE cells is a ready made product and come with 6 months warranty. The batteries with LG cells are built in our company by an MSc Electrical Engineer from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and come with a 12-month warranty!


    • Installing an extra battery on Xiaomi scooters requires programming them with custom firmware. If your scooter is encrypted, you need to unlock it first. Since we specialize in Xiaomi scooters, we can unlock all the following models: m365, Pro 1, Essential / Lite, 1S, mi3, Pro 2, whether having the old or the new processor. Please consult us before buying.

    More Information

    More Information
    Compatibility XiaomiM365, Pro, 1S, Pro 2, Essential / Lite, Mi 3
    Compatibility Turbo-XStandard, Pro, Pro 2
    Voltage (V)36
    Battery TypeLi-Ion
    Search Termsbattery
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