Charging port cover - cap with magnet

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Silicone cover - cap with magnet for the charging port in Xiaomi, Turbo-X and similar scooters.

This cover protects the charging plug from dust and water and you should close it in after every charge.

This specific version includes a magnet and is used in all newer Xiaomi models after m365, but it fits to m365 as well, but because m365 has smaller screws it will not have enough power to pull the magnets and the cover could open more easily. So if you have the m365 we suggest you to use the cover without the magnet (please see the related product in the bottom of the page).

More Information

More Information
Compatibility XiaomiM365, Pro, 1S, Pro 2, Essential / Lite, Mi 3
Compatibility Turbo-XStandard, Pro, Pro 2
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