Runcam Thumb Pro Wide 4K video camera with ND filters

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Runcam Thumb Pro Wide 4K action video camera with ND filters. The camera is suitable for rc models (drones, FPV, airplanes, helicopters, etc.) due to its low weight of only 16 grams and its compact size. It requires an external power supply of 5V and can be controlled through a serial port. It features a built-in gyroscope (gyro) for image stabilization in programs like Gyroflow.

The Runcam Thumb Pro Wide 4K action camera is ideal for rc models (drones, FPV, airplanes, helicopters, etc.) due to its low weight (only 16g!!) and compact size (thumb-sized, hence the name).

The Runcam Thumb Pro Wide 4K is an improved version of the Runcam Thumb Pro, featuring a wider field of view than its predecessor, which gives better results during image stabilization in Gyroflow. The camera has a built-in gyro, which records the motion simultaneously with the video, allowing for almost perfect image stabilization using programs like Gyroflow!

The camera requires an external power supply of 5V and does not have a built-in battery. It can be powered either from the USB port or through the specialized connector it comes with. This connector can be attached to a serial port on the Flight Controller, enabling start and stop recording through the rc transmitter. The camera can also be used as a webcam on a computer. For video recording, a high-speed SD card is required.

Programming the camera settings is done using the Runcam App on a mobile device, which generates a QR code that the camera scans and saves the settings. This method allows for quickly loading preset configurations based on lighting conditions. The app offers numerous settings, both automatic and user-selectable, allowing you to achieve the desired cinematic result.

ND filters of various density levels can be attached to the camera lens, allowing you to achieve a more cinematic result.

The camera can capture video either horizontally or vertically.



Product Name

Runcam Thumb Pro Wide






155° (OLD VERSION had 145°)

Video Format




Communication Interface

Micro USB

Support Micro SD Card Capacity

256G Max

USB Power Input/Terminal Power Supply

DC 5.0V

Remote Control


Power Consumption

500mA@5V Max



Net Weight





















Product Contents

  • 1x Runcam Thumb Pro Wide 4K
  • 1x Protective lens filter (transparent)
  • 3x ND filters (8, 16, 32)
  • 1x 4-pin silicone cable for power and connection to the Flight Controller (FC)
  • 1x 2-pin silicone cable for power only
  • 1x 3D-printed support base made of flexible TPU material
  • 4x Mounting screws
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x Instruction manual

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