Battery 36V 9.6Ah for Xiaomi scooter

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Battery 36V 9.6Ah for Xiaomi m365, 1S, Essential / Lite, mi 3,  Turbo-X, Fiat 500, Ducati and similar electric scooters.

This battery has the biggest possible capacity that fits inside the scooter without extra modifications.

Battery 36V 9.6Ah for electric scooters with capacity greater than the factory's battery.

This battery can be installed in Xiaomi m365, 1S, Essential / Lite, mi 3 electric scooters that require communication between the battery and the controller through a special protocol. This is done through the white-green-yellow color cable.

In other similar scooters like Turbo-X, Fiat 500, Ducati, which do not require this communication, you can leave this cable disconnected.

The components used in this battery are from the reputable brand EVE, which Xiaomi itself used in its early models.

BMS Characteristics:

  • Maximum charge: 42v (4.2v per cell
  • Balance start: 4v
  • Cutting voltage: 30v (3v per cell)
  • Maximum discharge (current peaks): 20A
  • Maximum recommended continuous discharge: 15A
  • BMS with separate charging port
  • Maximum charge: 2A
  • Software version: 115


  • The product should not have signs of humidity, shock or vibrations (Solid wheels void the warranty)
  • It should not be opened
  • It must have been used according to the specifications it is designed
  • It must have been carefully maintained (It's voltage must be checked every 3 months and should be charged at 50% when stored for long term)
  • Working temperature: -20 to 60ºC
  • Charging temperature: 0 to 45ºC
  • Storage temperature: 20ºC to 35ºC

If you are interested in a cheaper battery with the same capacity as the factory battery please check the products on the bottom of this page.

More Information

More Information
Compatibility XiaomiM365, 1S, Essential / Lite, Mi 3
Compatibility Turbo-XStandard
Voltage (V)36
Battery Capacity (Ah)9.6
Battery Capacity (Wh)346
Battery TypeLi-Ion
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