Electric Scooter HL 2.0

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An electric scooter with an award-winning design that stands out!

Clean lines, great driving comfort, and meticulous design are the characteristics that distinguish it.

Its strong point is its battery, which stands out from the competition because it is 17s (17 cell groups in series), compared to all the other 60-volt scooters that are 16s. This translates into higher speed, autonomy, and torque!

Additional features:

  • It comes with a 5A charger!
  • Passenger footrest support
  • Alarm system

Initial selling price: €1900

Price with subsidy: €1440

Profit: €460


You can see it in black color and try it out in our shop!



More Information

More Information
ModelHL 2.0
Max Speed (km/h)55
Range (km)50-70
Motor Power (W)2000
Battery TypeLi-Ion
Voltage (V)61.2 (17s)
Battery Capacity (Ah)20Ah
Battery Capacity (Wh)1224
Search Termsmotorcycle, moto, luqi
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